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Our delivery service for refrigeration equipment from China

The service level we provide is complete, a true one-stop shop business partner for the supply of refrigeration equipment from China. Our goal is to make your company more competitive, and in an easy way. Only when we achieve this, our relationship will benefit both our companies in a long term cooperation.

One-stop shop for refrigeration equipment

For us, managing and control is everything. In China, there are countless ways in which manufacturing, delivery, payment and services can go wrong. We have been there, we know. To prevent unexpected results, we need to have the manufacturing process, delivery, payment and all other services under our control. When we have control and can manage the projects from beginning to end, we are sure we deliver the goods with the agreed specifications and at the agreed time. You can be sure that JYT Cooling Business Services has the right motivation, because we, and not the individual suppliers of the good, are responsible for warrantee. When something goes wrong, you place a claim with JYT Cooling. Simple.

Standard service includes:

  • Warrantee: We provide warrantee based on a quality report sent from you to JYT Cooling. When the warrantee is accepted by us, we sent you a credit invoice or replacement goods. When we sent replacement goods, the transport costs are for the account of JYT Cooling.
    During a claim, we will contact the supplier of the goods to investigate the cause, and possible improvement strategies for the next delivery. However, the claim acceptance to you does not reply of the acceptance of the claim by the supplier. A better, more safe and easy warrantee is not available for the supply of refrigeration equipment from China

  • Sourcing and manufacturing: When we receive a request we provide you with a quotation and samples free of charge. We source the right supplier, inspect the manufacturing location, audit regularly and make sure the supplier accept delivery under our condition. No costs involved for you, except the DHL Express costs for sending a sample to your company. Usually, the first time you receive an invoice is at the actual order date.

  • Quality inspections: Many suppliers of refrigerating equipment in China have good management and good quality control. However, regular checks are necessary. Always. For every order, we visit the suppliers at least two times. During manufacturing to check the purchased goods, storage, manufacturing process, workflow, deadlines etc., and at delivery. At delivery we do a visual inspection, count, check and test functionality, cleanliness, package, certification and labels. It is all included in our price, no separate invoice for the inspections.

  • Small batch support: Very important for many of our customers is that we are able to supply a variety of goods in each shipment. One container can be loaded with goods from up to 20 suppliers. The goods are collected in our warehouse in Suzhou, and loaded together at delivery times. To calculate the loading capacity, we provide you a spreadsheet which calculates exactly the loading status (weight and volume) for a container. Usually a MOQ does not apply, so you can add some boxes of gloves or screws to fill up the container. We buy large quantities at our supplier and are able to provide you with small batches with competitive pricing. Due to the logistic problem we have to manage we do ask a small compensation for combined container shipments.

  • Storage: Ordered goods but don’t need them yet? Let us know and we can store your refrigeration equipment in China. When you want us to keep stock in Europe or the USA to be able to deliver fast, let us know, we can arrange this for you.

  • Engineering and product development: JYT Cooling Business Services provides engineering and product development for several industries, including refrigeration equipment. We can localize drawing for better use in China, compare drawing and products and adapt drawings to match the product. We also make drawing based on samples we receive.
    Our expertise is extensive. When you are in doubt if the item you designed is suitable to be used, ask our team of expert. We will give our opinion of it is suitable to manufacture, or that it needs changes to reduce manufacturing costs.

  • Logistics: JYT Cooling Business Services is part of the J&Y Shanghai Int’l Trading Group of companies. J&Y will provide logistics services for refrigeration equipment and air conditioning units.

  • Legal and financial services: When you are currently purchasing refrigeration equipment in China and you encounter a problem and need legal assistance, please contact us. In the J&Y group of companies we have legal experts available.
    We also provide financial services to ease the financial strain when purchasing goods in China. The rule for payment in China is 30% in advance and 70% at delivery FOB China. When this is inconvenient for you, we might be able to
    adapt to your wishes.

  • We visit your company: To be able to supply the best service possible for your needs, we like to visit your company, see the manufactuirng process, talk face-to-face with the employees who correspond with us. To understand your end products is essential in understanding the quality level you need. And we keep our eyes open for more business opportunities.