JYT Cooling provides full sourcing and outsourcing services for manufacturers of cooling equipment looking for a reliable and competitive manufacturing option in China. JYT Cooling is part of the J&Y Shanghai Int\\\'l Trading group of business units and can provide a complete set of services: 

  • engineering and product delvelopment services
  • quality check services
  • legal services
  • financial (payment) services
  • logistic support, including storage

JYT Cooling will also, if needed, translate and modify drawings for easier use by Chinese manufacturers. Also, our engineers are capable designers, creating a manufacturing ready product from scratch providing turn-key solutions.

Part of our service for all customers: 

  • logistics software for optimal use of container transport. Our MOQ\\\'s are very low, providing the opportunity to load many different product into 1 container. Thus lowering transport, stock and interest costs for our customers.
  • weekly/monthly overview of all purchase prices, raw material price development, all running projects. 
  • Assigned fixed engineers which learn all there is to know about purchasing and manufacturing your products.
  • J&Y Shanghai Int\\\'l Trading Company provides sales and distribution services to support your sales activities in China.