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About us and supply of refrigeration equipment from China

Located in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. Now (2010) we employ approximately 20 employees, mostly engineers and purchasers with many experience in purchase, manufacturing and inspection of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning units in China. JYT Cooling operates 7 years supplying refrigeration equipment from China to manufacturers and wholesalers abroad. We have the knowhow to engineer, manufacture, deliver and inspect goods and certificates.

JYT Cooling strategy

Our main competitive advantage is that we take control over warrantee issues.  JYT Cooling is a one-stop shop and is the only contact you need when you are not happy with the goods you received.  JYT Cooling, not the manufacturer decides about warrantee, refund and/or replacement. We are confident, and we replace goods and pay for the transportation costs. We are now, and our goal is to remain the best business partner for the supply of refrigeration parts from China

JYT Cooling business goal

Establish long term cooperation with customers and suppliers by adding value to the delivery, engineering and manufacturing of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning units from China.

JYT Cooling financial status

Ever since 2004 JYT Cooling has been profitable. We do have a bank credit with the HSBC Bank in China, however, we have never used the credit facility. We pre-finance all order ourselves, also providing suppliers the opportunity that we purchase raw materials for them. Being able to buy large quantities is an advantage in China

JYT Cooling legal status and guanxi

JYT Cooling is part of the group of companies owned by J&Y Shanghai Int’l Trading Co., Ltd. J&Y is a so called WOFE, registered in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai. J&Y is full responsible for all activities of JYT Cooling business services.

J&Y is a foreign owned company using a mix of western and Chinese management. J&Y is successful in China mainly because of:

  • Strong financial position
  • Experienced management
  • Very good business network in China, guanxi.

Other services provided by J&Y Shanghai Int’l Trading Co., Ltd

J&Y offers a wide range of business services in China. The supply of refrigerating equipment and air conditioning units is important, and there are also some other product groups and services available

  • Supply of automotive parts
  • Supply of shipbuilding equipment
  • Machinery
  • Mechanical and hydraulic products
  • Legal services (very practical, focussed find a solution as soon as possible)
  • financial services
  • Logistic services including warehousing in China and Europe.
  • Consultant for foreing companies looking for a business partner in China
  • Trade mission organization

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