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FAQ: refrigeration supply from China

For your convenience we have selected some questions which are often asked at the start of a possible cooperation.

Questions and answes

Q: When we receive refrigeration equipment from China, which we cannot accept due to a quality problem. Do we have to contact the factory or can we contact JYT Cooling? And how do we get a refund?
A: You have to contact JYT Cooling. JYT Cooling is responsible for all warrantee issues. The warrantee will be handled professionally; you do not have to contact the manufacturer. JYT Cooling will compensate either by replacing the goods or financially. When goods are replaced, we pay the transport costs

Q: What are the payment options?
A: We offer LC and 30% at order and70% at delivery FOB China. But other payment options are also possible. In established business relationships we are more flexible than when we just start our cooperation ot supply refrigeration equipment

Q: What is the commission requested by JYT Cooling Services?
A: If JYT Cooling Services is working on its own account, our purchase prices are not visible to you. You agree a purchase price with us, not with each individual supplier. This gives us the opportunity to supply a complete package. If we are used as an agent only for an individual supplier, we request between 5% and 10% depending on the product and the service requested from us.

Q: Our current agent requests only 3%, why are you so expensive?
A: We are not, your agent gets more than 3%, you are just not aware of it. Payment from both sides is very normal for a Chinese/Taiwan/Hong Kong agent. Just compare the price of the goods when you have it in your storage. Our prices are very competitive and our deliveries risk free.

Q: I received an invoice/quotation from J&Y Shanghai Int'l Trading Co., Ltd, not from JYTCooling Services. Why?
A: Sending invoices and receiving money in China is highly regulated. To reduce administration and to provide the best service, all activities of the J&Y Int'l Trading group quote and invoice using the mother company. This will provide the highest safety for our customers.

Q: I want to send samples, what is the address?
A: When you sent a package, please sent the express tracking number to The shipment address is:

J&Y Shanghai Int'l Trading Co., Ltd
JYT Cooling Business Unit908 Building 21 Youngor New Future City
No. 535 Shenhu Road
China 215027

 f.a.o mrs Angela Chen
Phone: +86 512 62567351

Q: Can i place a large order for 1 year, and JYT Cooling keeps stock? I want to pay which each delivery.
A: Yes, we have our own warehouse. The demand for these services is rising, which forced us to allow this service only to customers to which we have established business cooperation. Use this service at the start is not an option.

Q: Can I receive a catalogue of the products which JYT Cooling can supply?
A: We do not have a catalogue. Although many of the products we supply are standardized, many of our deliveries consist of customized made products. It is the combination which makes us strong. Just sent us your request and we will reply if the product is available for purchase in China, including price.

Q: How do we start?
A: Easy, sent us samples and/or drawings and a quantity indication. We will supply a quotation. When you agree with the price, we will supply a sample for you to evaluate. Evaluate many product simultaneously is possible.

Q: Can I visit the supplier which makes the products I buy?
A: Yes, we will arrange your stay in China. We encourage you to regularly visit China and inspect the factory which we use to supply to you. Your recommendations will improve our service level.

Q: I want to be present during quality inspections, is this possible?
A: Yes, you can be present during inspections. However, we have some large customers operating purchase offices in China. When they want to do the inspection using Chinese employees, an additional contract needs to be signed to protect our business interests.

Q: I want to purchase for 1 year with fixed prices, is this possible?
A: Yes, you have to inform us about your price adjustment request. It is possible to purchase with fixed prices for a year, it is also possible to adjust pricing according the raw material price information index.

Q: How can I order a container with mixed goods, a combined container?
A: JYT Cooling will supply a spreadsheet for your convenience. You can setup the inventory of the container yourself. We rarely use MOQ’s for each item.

Q: I have drawings and parts, but am not sure if the drawings are correct. Can you assist?
A: Yes, we always check if drawings and parts are the same. If not, we will contact you and discuss which is leading, parts or drawing.

Q: I purchase cooling parts in China already, but need a company to-do the inspection?
A: Please take a look at our pricelist, we can handle inspections. And provide a range of other services if requested.

Q: Can I be in direct contact with the engineer/purchaser who is responsible for my account?
: Every customer has at least 2 engineers/purchasers assigned to your account. It depends on the experience with foreign customers of the engineer and English language skills if direct contact will be a good addition to our service.

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