China refrigeration parts

A one-stop-shop for sourcing and outsourcing refrigeration parts in China. All products needed to make high quality cooling devices are available in China and can be supplied by us. A limited view of our product range is available on these pages. Please contact us with questions about the specific products you are looking for.
For purchasing a wide range of products, Please invite us to your factory. We can assist setting up the outsourcing project, help with logistics, compare products and drawings and so limit the time needed to get the results your are looking for.

We can supply all products needed for manufacturing (consumer, industrial and marine) cooling devices:

  • Casings, frames, doors
  • Electrical and cooling and heating components, lightning and electroluminescent
  • Control panels
  • Engineering and product development
  • Support items, screws, tape, gloves, tools, spare parts
  • Shelves, shelve supports and other aluminum and stainless steel parts.
  • Plastic parts, molds
  • Marketing material: brochures, websites, business cards
  • Materials will be supplied including the requested certification.