Supply of Refrigeration equipment from China

China is the largest manufacturer of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning units in the world. Chinese and foreign companies compete on the fast growing local market and the export from China of refrigeration equipment is increasing also. China is an attractive country to purchase and manufacture, a wide variety of manufacturers is available and an even bigger variety of refrigeration parts is present. JYT Cooling Business Services is familiar in China, we know the good supplier and our purchase power enables us to get full cooperation and a competitive price.

JYT Cooling one-stop-shop service for refrigeration equipment from China

Our unique advantage is our one-stop-shop strategy. We quote, negotiate, order, engineer, design, manufacture, ship, stock, finance, check, pay suppliers and provide warrantee. A truly one-stop-shop business strategy to make your business ventures in China run safe, easy and competitive. No need to deal with 2,5,10 or even 50 suppliers in China. When you desire so, JYT Cooling is the only company you contact in China for your refrigeration equipment. You can read more here about the details of our service.

Who are THE suppliers of refrigeration equipment in China?

JYT Cooling Business Services is already for 7 years the only independent trading company for refrigeration equipment in China which is working on our own account. For us, it is essential to eb able to trust our suppliers, and that we get all cooperation to perform quality inspections, make design changes, and deliver goods in low quantities. We know all suppliers personally, have audited them, audited them again. Know about their management skills, manufacturing expertise, financial stability. When a supplier wants to cooperate with JYT Cooling to supply refrigeration equipment for our foreign customers, they have to sign a contract. Only the best suppliers, focused on long term cooperation feel confident enough to cooperate with us. For JYT Cooling Business Services, only the best is good enough. When you visit us in China, we gladly introduce you to our wide range of suppliers.

What kind of refrigeration equipment is available

For us, when you are in the market of refrigeration equipment, everything you need, is part of our delivery program. From the specific parts for cooling, to gloves for your employees, complete refrigerators or chillers, but also fasteners for your assembly line. We are used to deliver good in small batches, some customers order 1 container of goods with regular intervals, and in this container are goods from > 20 suppliers.