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refrigeration equipment from china

Supply from China of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning units and parts. As well standardize items or customized and certified to customer requests. Equipment and parts from high ranking suppliers of refrigeration equipment in China used to work according foreign quality standards. JYT Cooling Business Services supplies a wide range of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning units and parts to manufacturers of refrigerating equipment and wholesalers’ worldwide.

We are the only one-stop-shop providing full service and work on our own account. JYT Cooling Business Services implements the best technical expertise and highest quality standard in our services, and we have to, because we supply our goods including full warrantee, not FOB China, but when goods need to be replaced, we deliver them at your doorstep, like it should be. Unique in China!

Services we provide in China as refrigeration equipment supplier

When you are looking for a business partner to supply a wide range of parts from various suppliers, or buy the same product in large quantities, JYT Cooling Business services is the right partner in China to supply refrigeration equipment. Our services:

  • Supply of already available refrigeration equipment, air conditioning units or parts. Sourcing the right supplier for the items you need.
  • Supply of customized items, we provide engineering, certification and manufacturing assistance to as well customer and manufacturer
  • Supply of a batch of various products in one container. Read more here about the way you can reduce your purchase costs significantly.
  • Quality inspections
  • Refund or replacement of goods when goods are not according specifications. Our judgment, not the manufacturers’
  • We perform best in long term cooperation’s. Trust in us is de best service we provide, and we invest to become the best business partner possible to handle your business interests in China
  • Inform you about other opportunities the refrigeration equipment market in China has to offer.

We make it safe, easy and profitable for you to purchase refrigeration equipment in China